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Welcome the new flavor of Tea with Publyssity's tea line: Cheeky Chai!

This blend combines bold spices with smooth black tea for a rich, aromatic drink. Savor the flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger in every sip, perfectly balanced with the warmth of black and white pepper, clove, nuttmeg, and a hint of floral from calendula petals.

Enjoy it hot or iced, with milk or without, on it's own or as a delicious chai latte - or get creative and shake things up with a cheeky Chai-tini cocktail!

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Tea with Publyssity is a premium  tea brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously and was created to convey that drinking tea doesn’t need to be so prim and proper – It can be fun, chic, and cheeky, too. 

TWP is the perfect complement to your binge-watching sessions. You can savor it with friends or solo from the comfort of your couch. Our tea blends will transport you to a world where gossip reigns supreme, and our inaugural flavor, Binge-Watch Black Tea with Lemon, is perfect for your ‘spill the tea’ sessions. 

Our packaging isn’t ordinary either… Our tea boxes double as home decor and can be proudly displayed in your space. You can rest your remote control on our book box, which is designed to add style to your coffee tea table. Keep an eye out for other flavor launches, so you can sip away and stack your tea boxes like books.

come say hi and hang with the #teatribe

Get ready to sip it while you spill it because our new tea is PIPING hot! Tea With Publyssity is hitting the road with the ultimate Tea Party Tour. We're bringing our beloved tea (and our new flavor 👀) and the good vibes to four fabulous cities this summer. It’s your chance to meet other incredible women, dish the hot goss over hot tea, and be the first to try our brand new tea flavor. Whether you're a reality TV junkie, a TWP enthusiast, or just here for a fun time, we've got something for everyone. 

  • New York City: 6/11
  • Hoboken: 6/12
  • Long Branch: 6/18
  • Philadelphia: 6/20
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About Alyssa Amoroso

As a former entertainment publicist and longtime pop-culture lover, Alyssa interviews some of the industry's leading reality-tv stars, influencers and experts on her podcast. Her approach has always been to encourage people to ‘spill the tea’, while still creating a safe space. Until now, the brand has only focused on one of Alyssa’s passions – pop-culture, but not the other… tea. 

After years of garnering a loyal follower base – the Tea Tribe – and continuing to grow her listenership, Alyssa believed it was the perfect moment to merge everything she loves – pop-culture, reality tv, design,  childhood memories, wellness, entertaining, community, and last but not least, tea. Alas, TWP was born. 

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